We provide our clients with legal services related to providing services and trading in the financial markets. In particular, we focus on services relating to investments in financial markets, both for investors and investment intermediaries, investment companies or securities dealers or banks.

We have experience representing clients who have had their investments devalued by the unlawful conduct of investment service providers or who have suffered harm in using payment services and various financial services such as life insurance or saving for post-retirement. Similarly, we represent clients who have used multiple forms of credit. We also have practical experience in proceedings before a financial arbitrator.

For management companies, investment firms and investment intermediaries, we provide legal services related to the operation of their businesses, including compliance services. Most often, however, we represent our clients in proceedings before the Czech National Bank, whether licensing or sanction proceedings or in the context of its inspections.

This specialisation includes legal services related to:

  • representing clients in proceedings before a financial arbitrator,
  • representing clients in court proceedings,
  • representing clients in proceedings before the Czech National Bank,
  • advocating for the protection of financial services clients,
  • setting up management and control systems for management companies, investment firms, investment intermediaries, and banks.