Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

We advise our clients on acquiring a company or a business plan, even in cases where the companies are established for development projects. We provide them with comprehensive services ranging from discussing their intentions and the appropriate direction of the entire project through planning the strategy of the procedure and carrying out legal and accounting due diligence on the acquisition goal to the preparation of the necessary contractual documentation, including its negotiation, either alongside or on behalf of the client. Our goal is to provide comprehensive legal services to guide clients through the entire acquisition process to achieve their goals successfully.

Each acquisition requires the design of an individual legal structure for the entire process and the legal documentation package. Likewise, it is essential to secure appropriate acquisition financing. Therefore, we prepare the unique design of the whole process for our clients and then support them in separate stages or handle the individual steps towards the goal on a turnkey basis.

We also conduct a thorough legal audit of the target company or business plant, a prerequisite for a successful acquisition. If the conditions for complete due diligence are not met, we design an appropriate system of contractual guarantees to replace this legal audit to the maximum extent materially.

Every acquisition also requires careful consideration of all tax implications, so we use our expertise to effectively combine the legal, tax and accounting advice our team members provide within the law firm. As a result, we can address our clients‘ requirements quickly, efficiently and comprehensively.

This specialisation includes legal services related to:

  • preliminary assessment of the legal and financial issues of the contemplated acquisition necessary for the decision to start the acquisition process,
  • designing the acquisition process of the target object,
  • preparing the optimal structure of the legal documentation required for the acquisition,
  • performing legal due diligence as well as tax and accounting audits of the acquisition target,
  • legal provision of internal and external financing for the acquisition, both bank and credit, including raising investment funds on the financial markets (e.g. bond financing),
  • representing the client in negotiations with persons representing the acquisition target, both directly on behalf of the client and as legal support in negotiations,
  • carrying out the acquisition process under its name on behalf of the client so that the client is not known to the surrounding community until the successful completion of the acquisition or for an extended period.